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New Home for Content!
1 min read

New Home for Content!

Hello readers. This post is to announce that BTCM will be merging with Bitcoin & Markets more fully.

Kent and I started this site to be an outlet of long-form research posts and series. We have slowly finished those initial project ideas and it now makes sense to roll this site into the my parent site,

The plan for this content is to give it its own tag/category in its new home and forward the domain to that tag. Right now, I plan for new posts from me and Kent to be for paid members ($5/mo) for the first 30 days, then open them up for free readers after that.

This new financial incentive will provide the motivation to continue our research and writing. We can continue our ongoing series, like the world reserve currencies and the history of interest rate series, as well as start brand new stuff on demographics, geography and economics (geo-economics), currencies, finance, etc.

I will be consolidating the email list from this site into in the next week or two. I hope you choose to stay subscribed! It should be transparent, with no need for any action on your part.

Thank you,


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