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We explore how markets evolve in this precarious time and enable our readers to survive and thrive.

Bitcoin & Markets Research, LLC is a research team, writing about currencies, technology, sovereignty and quality of life. We publish blog posts and a monthly Research Letter (coming soon), combining a deep knowledge of Bitcoin and economics, a keen eye for technology and social trends, and data-driven technical inflection points, into an investing framework.


We work toward providing a clear viewpoint and framework to apply to the markets. Identifying and adapting to economic inflection points and fundamentals to invest profitably.

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  • Asset agnostic
  • Adaptability
  • Risk-awareness
  • Maximum free markets
  • Trust minimization

Who Are Our Readers?

We serve people who want a deeper insight into the way the market works. Individuals or businesses who desire to build wealth and avoid market cycle pain.

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Ansel Lindner, Editor-in-chief, Bitcoin Specialist

Kent Polkinghorne, Chief of Strategy and Research

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